As a parent, student or employee of Austintown Local Schools, you may already have begun seeing signs and posters in your community and around your school that says:  “Your Choice, Our Austintown Local Schools.” And you’re probably wondering what does all of this mean?

“Your Choice, Our Austintown Local Schools” is a slogan that reflects the fact that we know everyone has a choice in education. We respect that freedom of choice that parents and students have in deciding on the best learning environment and options in K-12 Education.  As we acknowledge that, we also want to be clear that we believe that Austintown Local Schools is the best choice for a stellar education experience.  As a district-wide initiative, we’ve decided to be more proactive in promoting all of the reasons why it’s your best choice. This site is completely dedicated to that purpose. (more)

Our Pride

School pride comes in all forms.  From sports to academics, to world class teachers and staff, not to mention our continued Excellence rating in education, everywhere you turn there's something to be proud of.

But to us, we couldn't be more proud of the students, family and staff who walk though our doors every day.  Over the next few months we will be highlighting individual testimonials from our Austintown Team on why we are proud to be Falcons.

  • Woodside Celebrates Culture Day

    Second Grade Students at Woodside Elementary celebrated last December different cultures by celebrating "Culture Day".  Students brought in special foods and wore clothing to represent their culture.  Parents came in to help with the food and students had a lot of fun learning about where they came from.

  • Austintown Schools Will Feed Students During Summer

    While students spend the next few months taking a break from the classroom, some also will be without steady nutritional meals. "We have a large amount of free and reduced applications that come in every year," said Tascin Brooks, food service director for Austintown Local Schools. "One of the things we're doing is offering this because summer's so important.

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