Fitch art department fundraiser has super turnout

Austintown community members came to Fitch High School in droves on March 28 to support the art department’s fourth annual Souper Supper.

The supper, created by former Fitch art teacher Karen Weinberg in 2009, was originally created as a way to help the community through art.

Since its inception, art students and teachers have created ceramic bowls to be sold at the event along with the purchase of a simple meal of soup, roll, beverage and dessert.

All proceeds from the dinner are reinvested into the Austintown school district through the donation ofgift cards to struggling Austintown families.

The soups featured at this year’s event were wedding soup and cream of potato. Guests were encouraged to appreciate the artistry of the bowls as they searched for a perfect vessel to take home.

The event featured piano dinner music by Fitch student Anthony Sarachene and a sculptor’s wheel demonstration by Natalie Winkle.

Centerpieces at each table shared information about hunger around the world and statistics in the Austintown school district. The information shared that a majority of students in Austintown elementaries depend on the free lunch system for meals.

Doing good was on the mind of many of the guests at the event.

“When we saw advertisements for the event, we thought it was a wonderful cause,” said Jeanie Williams.

“We both live here in Austintown and supporting your own is important. We knew we had to come,” added friend Linda Sirwell.

Supporting Austintown was also on the mind of Kadey Kippel as she ate a meal with her granddaughter, Julia Brooks.

“It’s a showcase for the students of the school system, while also doing so much good for our community. It’s really wonderful,” Kippel said.

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